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We believe in championing values and protecting families

Our idea is simple: Connect with people who share your values and see what movies they think are appropriate and worth your time. Think of it as a personal MPAA system you share with friends, one that places you in full control. Result: more good, less bad.

We believe in championing values and protecting families — especially children — from detrimental media and in empowering families to make educated media decisions. We believe parents play the most vital role in protecting their children from inappropriate media. We want to help families in that decision making process by giving them full control of a set of tools that connects them with like-minded people who share their values.

Now parents can have their say on what a movie should be rated and leverage the wisdom of crowds

No more guessing if a movie is appropriate for your kids. Ok.com allows all users to vote on what ages a movie is appropriate for. We then aggregate all votes and display them in a chart to show the trend-line of what people think. We also allow users to vote if a movie is also "worth your time," because although a movie may be appropriate for children, it does not guarantee it to be worth your time.

Connect with friends and see what they think is appropriate and worth their time

On Ok.com it's easy to connect with friends by signing in with your Facebook account. From there you can invite friends and select those you would like to follow. Now when you look up movie information, you can see what your friends think it should be rated and if it's worth your time.


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